Our mixing room equipment and extraction systems offer the complete professional mixing room solution. All equipment is manufactured in polished stainless steel to avoid paint contamination, prevent rust and allow easy cleaning. The complete solution includes tables, washing machines, can containers, all the extraction tubes and fans to renew the air in the mixing room. Consult with our experts to get a quote for your new clean and efficient mixing room. High quality and compliance with all environmental regulations are guaranteed. All mixing room equipment complies with ATEX 137, CE, EXCatIII2GcIIBT4, EG machine directives 2006/42/EG and 94/9/CE group II. EMM stainless steel mixing room equipment is the best solution for a safe and clean mixing area that conforms to current regulations.

Stick & Go

Quick and efficient protection of surfaces in the mixing room, spray booth, tables and paint mixing areas.

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Stick & Go

Schneller und effizienter Schutz von Oberflächen aus Edelstahl von Hamach Anmischtischen, Absaugwänden etc. in Misch- und Vernetzungsräumen sowie Lackierkabinen.

  • Weiße Farbe für optimale Reflektionseigenschaften 
  • Chemikalien- und lösemittelbeständig 
  • Solide und widerstandsfähig 
  • Geriffelte rutschhemmende Oberfläche 
  • Einfacher Auftrag und Abschnitt
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